What’s in a Name?

I’m supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo. I was already falling behind when my copy edits came through. It was a simple decision and one that had to be made thanks to the full-time job. New writing, that may or may not be published, or old writing that has already scored itself a deal? As I said – a simple decision.

Once more into the depths of the as-yet-still-to-be-named meditation memoir. Yes, two rounds of edits and still no title. This is starting to remind me of being in bands. Writing the songs, playing the instruments, booking the gigs are the easy part. Well, straight forward at least. But naming a band? That’s tough. The name has to be just right. First impressions and all that. I like my title, sex, drugs & meditation but I understand if it needs to change. After all, it started out as Ten Days to Enlightenment & A Really Sore Bottom and then turned into The Vipassana Diaries. Anything is possible.

I’ve never had to name a child but I’ve heard how fraught it can be. Mind you I did change my name by deed poll when I was about twenty years old proving you don’t have to be stuck with the name your parents have agonised over.* Can a book change its name once it’s been christened? Books do have different titles in different markets. I guess that comes down to the publisher’s choice. When the overseas deals start coming in, will I go through this process all over again? And how does the digital world of ebooks deal with different titles in different markets? This is all ahead of me.

I do wonder about the power of names. We called our second-hand six-year-old dog Maddie, and that is what she has proved to be. Her RSPCA name was Magic. We thought it was a bit naff. We couldn’t see ourselves calling out “Magic, Magic” on the beach. Which is possibly why we can no longer take her there. We called “Maddie, Maddie” and instead of coming to us, she bit a dog. Mad indeed.

But Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” What’s in a name indeed? I wonder if he had trouble naming all those plays. That’s just given me some ideas for the title of my meditation memoir. How about Much Ado about Sitting Still and Doing Nothing. Or Taming of the Mary-Lou? Or As You Don’t Like It? Ah the possibilities are endless.

It is just like naming a band. But in the end you need something to put on the CD cover. I wonder what it will be. Has anyone done the self-titled album thing with books? The eponymous approach? Mary-Lou Stephens by Mary-Lou Stephens. You know what, I like it. Now all I need to do is to convince the publisher, the sales team and the book buyers. Wish me luck.

*I changed it back again.






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