The Old Razzle-Dazzle

Praise for my memoir, Sex Drugs and Meditation.

Bracingly honest, funny and rewarding, this is a book you can’t put down.

Sydney Morning Herald

Stephens knows how to write a story, and she does so with honesty and good humour.

MindFood Magazine

Funny, sage, insightful and just a little bit twisted.

Who Magazine

If she wrote a book a year Mary-Lou would be in my list every year. She is a brilliant writer and after just a few pages you are lost in her world and can’t put the book down

Walter Mason, author and speaker

Perfection. Sex, Drugs and Meditation is one of the best memoirs I have read in years. Humble, witty and so very, very true. All I wanted was for this book never to end.”

The Universal Heart Book Club