Songs from Sex, Drugs and Meditation

Whenever I write a book, somehow the songs I’ve written always end up in them. These are the ones that are in Sex, Drugs and Meditation.


You’ll Aways Be In Love With Me

I started writing this song as “I’ll Always Be in Love With You” and thought better of it. The song was better for it as well. Besides Dolly Parton had already written “I Will Always Love You” This is a live version from Chain of Heart’s CD launch in 1995.


The Bert Newton Show – Come On In

Chain of Hearts on Good Morning Australia, March 1995. I’m the one in the middle.


Design For a Dialogue

I went to a Stranglers concert and was totally smitten by the sound of the bass. I decided right then and there to become a bass player. The first band I played in was Impractical Acts and yes I played bass but they let me sing a couple of songs I’d written. This was one of them.

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