Have you ever watched a dog dreaming? Some say animals don’t have souls. Others say the dog you’re watching while it sleeps could be your great aunt. In which case the dog could be dreaming of knitting tea cosies and baking Spotted Dicks. Souls or no souls I don’t know, I’ll let you know the answer when I get to the other side. But I do know that watching a dog when its dreaming can be a very amusing thing. Feet scampering, nose twitching, is it chasing a cat in its sleep or dreaming of a big juicy steak?

I wonder if ants dream. I don’t even know if they sleep. Do they just keep working till they drop and become fodder for other ants? If an ant dreamed I wonder what it would dream about. Picnics from paradise spread out on a checked table cloth within easy reach of six busy little legs perhaps. Nightmares of big solid soled boots descending from above. Or peaceful slumbers containing kindly Buddhist monks brushing the pathway before walking.

Philip Dick posed the question “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” and his book was turned into the very fine movie, Blade Runner.

I love dreams. I have a lot of them and most of them I remember for a while before they fade like stars in the morning sky. Look too closely and they slip away as fast as you try to cling on to them. A woman had a lot of violent dreams, in her dreams she set about killing just about everyone she knew. She was going through a huge change in her life. Her yoga teacher told her that these were yang dreams and that when she’d resolved the issues in her life she wouldn’t dream at all. She would have no need to dream. She may perhaps have ying dreams but these would leave little impression on her mind and she wouldn’t remember them in the morning.

I know someone who never remembers his dreams. He’s done a lot of personal work, resolved a lot of issues. I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that he doesn’t dream or if he does he doesn’t remember them. Being such a big dreamer myself I though there may be something he was repressing that was stopping him from remembering his dreams. Now I know that he’s just more evolved than I am and in fact it’s me that needs the therapy.

But I don’t want to lose my dreams. I love waking up and feeling reality change from the dreaming world to the every day world. I love remembering the places I’ve been in my sleep and the strange things that have happened. I enjoy having that different dimension in my life. I feel tempted to keep some angst and a little unresolved guilt in my life just so I can keep having my adventures in another reality. Not that I want to dream of murder every night, and I very rarely do. Most of my murderous thoughts arise during the day! But in a day to day life where bureaucracy is burgeoning, fear keeps us more and more regimented, and safely cocooning our lives away in front of plasma screens is the thing to aspire to, the wild unpredictability of dreams can be the spark of imagination and daring in a cotton wool world.

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