Sex, Drugs and Meditation

Sex, Drugs and Meditation Front coverSex, Drugs and Meditation is the true story of a woman with a talent for self-sabotage who learns to sit still, shut up and start living – and loving. 

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Praise for Sex, Drugs and Meditation:

“Bracingly honest, funny and rewarding, this is a book you can’t put down.” Sydney Morning Herald.

“Perfection. Sex, Drugs and Meditation is one of the best Sex, Drugs & Meditation newmemoirs I have read in years. Humble, witty and so very, very true. All I wanted was for this book never to end.” Walter Mason, The Universal Heart Book Club.

“A bad girl antidote to Eat, Pray, Love.” Courier Mail.

“Truth is more compelling than fiction.” Daily Telegraph.

Mary-Lou’s dream job has become a nightmare. She knows Eliott Purvis, her young, ambitious, sociopathic boss, will not change. If Mary-Lou is to be free of the anguish and keep the job she loves, there is only one thing she can change. Herself.

Ten days of silent meditation is the solution she chooses. During these ten days Mary-Lou is forced to confront the demons of her past; drugs, alcohol, food and religion. She also has to deal with the demons in her mind; paranoia, self-hate, fear and murderous rage. She relives her time spent in Twelve Step programs, her years at acting school, the joy and heartbreak of her former life as a musician and the journey that led her to work in radio.

For ten days and nights she battles her memories, mistakes and fantasies. The rigours demanded by the long hours spent meditating result in excruciating physical pain. The overcoming of this pain enables her to understand, on every level, the basic tenet of the meditation technique – everything changes.

She is shocked when an old wound she thought had healed demands her complete attention. A relationship so wracked with obsession and betrayal it destroyed her ability to trust. Through the eleven hours of meditation a day she finally releases the resentment and blame and comes to a place of forgiveness.

When Mary-Lou returns to work the challenges remain but she went to the meditation centre to change herself, not her job, and the results are surprising. At a dinner party a week later, despite all her best efforts and worst habits, Mary-Lou meets the man she will marry.

*Sex, Drugs and Meditation  is available from one of the booksellers on the Pan Macmillan  directory here.

*It’s also available online here and has  been kindled,  ebooked and iBooked.


19 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Meditation

  1. Hi Mary- Lou, I heard you talking to Michael Clarke on ABC Local Radio in Townsville this morning, and straight after I ordered your book. I have been a long term meditator myself for many years since my High School days.

    Back in 2009 after an ‘interesting’ life of some personal confusion, and after a number of events I discovered that I have had lifelong Aspergers Syndrome and never knew it!

    In earlier years I always felt that meditation somewhat ‘normalised’ and generally focused my at times ‘quirky’ nature and personality. It still does, and there is nothing better in my opinion. After hearing your interview with Michael Clarke this morning, I think that I will try and do a little more meditation and every day if I can. Many thanks and best wishes Mary- Lou. Regards, Felix Scerri.

    1. Thanks Felix

      There has been so much research into meditation and in particular mindfulness meditation it’s astounding. The benefits are documented and wide ranging – including for Aspergers. I’m glad it’s worked for you.



    2. Hi Mary-Lou, your book arrived this morning and I read it from start to finish in one sitting, a very rare achievement for me!

      Mary-Lou you are even more honest than I am! You are truly beautiful in every way, and I think you are alright! Regards, Felix Scerri.

  2. Hi Mary-Lou,

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book – very enjoyable, well-written and thought-provoking. I can relate to so much of what you wrote that I am off to Pomona myself for ten days soon…eek, wish me luck.

    Michael D

  3. Sounds like you’re talking about Vipassana meditation – such a life changing experience for me too. Look forward to reading your book and I really enjoyed your talk at TEDx Noosa – such a wonderful insightful speaker! Arohanui, Jo 🙂

    1. Yes, you’re right I am. A percentage of the profits from my book goes to the Vipassana Centre in Pomona. There would be no book without them. Thank you so much for your kind words about my talk. I hope you enjoy the book. x ML

  4. Just finished your book I stumbled across it at the Libary. This is seriously one of the best books I have ever read, and I have read a lot! Thought about not returning it and just footing the bill but that would mean someone else might miss out on it! So I’m going to buy It because there is so much bloody wisdom in this book I need to read it again and again! Thanks for writing it I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

    1. Hi Karen, how lovely to hear from you and read your wonderful words about Sex, Drugs and Meditation. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it and got so much from it. Living it and writing the book were life-changing for me, that’s for sure!
      xxx Mary-Lou

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