A Sick Joke

I’m going to tell you a joke. I’ve only got a couple of them that I reluctantly trot out in public.

The Hubby encourages me to. Not because I’m a particularly good teller of jokes, I think he just likes to see me being silly. Usually I’m such a serious young hedgehog, bustling around being rather prickly. So telling jokes is a good way to be a galah, chattering away and having a play. There is a reason for telling you this joke, which will become apparent very soon.

So, there’s this lion walking through the jungle, actually strutting more like. He sees a monkey and he roars, “I’m the King of the Jungle! I’m big and strong and brave. You’re just a silly, banana-eating primate.”

The monkey, scared out of his wits, or what little wits he has, nods his head and scuttles off.

The lion struts along some more and he sees a warthog. “I’m the King of the Jungle! I’m big and strong and brave. You’re just a pig with big teeth.”

The warthog isn’t all that happy with this turn of events but knows better than to take on a lion, so he snorts and trots off.

The lion, feeling very pleased with himself, continues to strut through the jungle and spies a mouse. “Ha!” he roars. “I’m the King of the Jungle! I’m big and strong and brave. You’re just a puny, scrawny, pathetic little rodent.”

The mouse looks up at the lion through squinty little eyes, wrinkles his little pink nose and

“I’ve been sick.”

says in a very squeaky little voice. “I know, but I’ve been sick.”

And the reason for telling you that joke. “I’ve been sick!” Still am. I’m feeling very small, squinty and mouse-like. And when you’re sick the world feels like a roaring lion, big, strutting and noisy. It’s all a bit too much. Best to concede to the puny, pathetic mouse-like state and find a dark corner to hide in. Tomorrow I might be a lion but today I’m a scrawny squeaker. And as long as the dog doesn’t consider me a snack, I should survive.

8 thoughts on “A Sick Joke

  1. Thank you Mary-Lou! I was reading my 1st John D. MacDonald (Travis McGee) novel when I came across mention of this joke. I had already fallen in love with MacDonald and McGee so I googled “mouse” and “But I’ve been sick!” and yours was the first link to appear. Your article (and the joke) touched me deeply. I will remember it and hug it to my heart on those all too many dark days. You’re not alone. Again, thank you.

    1. What a coincidence! I decided to reread my Travis McGee collection after many years and started the first one tonight. I got to the sick mouse punchline, couldn’t remember the whole joke, googled it, and there was your comment! Just love big Trav.

      1. I’m loving it.. Very difficult subject matter, but brilliant writing and great satirical comment.

        You will need to import paperbacks from the US. Or I can send you our copies 🙂

        And now, I must go and look into YOUR books!

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