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To tell you the truth (and don’t I always) I never thought I’d be a writer. A singer/songwriter  yes, but not a writer of books. You can find some of my songs here from the days when I spent my afternoons writing songs and my nights singing and playing guitar. (Mornings were for sleeping.)

Sex, Drugs & Meditation newMy first book Sex, Drugs and Meditation tells the story of how meditation changed my life, saved my job and helped me find a husband. Here’s what the Sydney Morning Herald had to say about it:

“Bracingly honest, funny and rewarding, this is a book you can’t put down.”

How to Stay Married is the truth about the happy ending. How To Stay Married ebookIt’s also a travel memoir; from the glitter of Las Vegas to the sub-zero temperatures of the French Alps, the wilds of Scotland and the tropical heat of Thailand, all with cabin luggage only. The discoveries I made about myself and my marriage are a modern day parable about learning to travel light in life, love and relationships.

“A compelling and utterly absorbing read.” The Universal Heart Book Club.

I hope you enjoy my books and if you do I’d love it if you wrote a review on Amazon. Just a line or two will do.

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  1. I had read 30 pages, thinking I’d only just started, what a whirlwind ride! Your bravery shone through and, at times, thought I was reading some of my own and my partner’s journey. Thank you – I’m having a small cry, which acknowledges pain/misery and happiness but doesn’t need to overwhelm. I’m going to recommend this book to my clients, family and friends. :>

    1. Thanks Terri. I appreciate your feedback. Sometimes I wondered whether I should tell my story but I hoped it would help people realise that things can change, everything does. We create our own misery and we can change that. x ML

  2. Hi Mary-Lou
    I bought your book (Kobo version) yesterday afternoon, and finished it this morning (I forced myself to leave the last chapter as a treat for when I woke up). I loved it, and want you to know that your courage and honesty have made a difference to me and how I am experiencing myself and my life at the moment. I had already signed up for two short meditation retreats in the next couple of months, knowing that it is something I just have to do, and now I am excited (as well as confronted) about what might be possible when I have the skills to train my mind to be more resourceful.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your life so openly, it was a gift for me that came just at the right moment.

  3. Bought it last Saturday afternoon at Humphreys Newsagents in Manly, finished it by Monday morning. Really enjoyed your honesty – and I know that a lot of what you wrote would have been hard. Thank you for pushing through and for nominating the centre as a partial royalty recipient. A small pebble with a big pond = many ripples.

  4. Hi Mary-Lou
    Have just read your story in the Sunshine Coast Daily and know I will love your book, so will be finding my nearest stockist next week! My nephew did a 10 day silent meditation at Pomona in Jan and to talk with him about it is amazing. Hope I’m not being cheeky, but if you have a few spare copies please think about donating them through GIVIT’s Virtual Warehouse (www.givit.org.au) . Only front-line community services (large & small) registered with GIVIT can take donations from the VW. I know in my heart we have many services registered with us who would love to have a copy to share with the people they are supporting who are doing it tough……………ok maybe I am being cheeky.
    Anyway, a big congratulations on your first book and I’m looking forward to a good read in the next week or two.

    1. Dear Megs

      I hope you do enjoy my book. It’s available everywhere, even airport bookshops.

      I’m happy to donate a couple of books. I’ve had a look at the GIVIT site. It’s a wonderful concept. I am wondering though, would it be better to donate directly to those services you mentioned. Just a thought.



  5. Hi Mary-Lou
    I am only into Day Four of your book – downloaded to my Kindle – and can’t wait to hear what happens with your journey into Vipassana, and beyond. I haven’t laughed out loud while reading a book for a very long time and so far you have kept me in fits of giggles. I am attending a short retreat soon for the first time, and as Ange mentioned above, I feel very excited but anxious, particularly about Vipassana technique. I am looking forward to a wonderful lifelong relationship with meditation and am aiming high with hopes that it will change my life. Thanks for the perfect timing of your book and congratulations on its success!

    1. Hi Jane

      Thank you so much for reading Sex, Drugs and Meditation. Meditation has certainly changed my life and I’m sure it will be a positive change in your life as well.



  6. Hi Mary Lou,
    Not sure if this is the best way to contact you after reading your magazine article?
    I was hoping to get some kind help with spreading the word on air about a charity yoga and meditation by donation programme, and see that you have a programme on the ABC radio.

    The following programme “Grass Roots Yoga”, a by donation yoga & meditation programme that we are setting up across Brisbane markets and beyond.

    We are hoping to get as many active participants as possible.

    I would be more then happy to do a radio interview to encourage many others to be enthusiastic about the benefits of mindfulness meditation and Hatha Yoga. I have a Biomedical science degree, and love speaking about yoga & meditation from that perspective, and the mental health benefits.
    I also have a good sense of humour about it all and try and keep it light.

    Having been involved in yoga and meditation for over a decade and have seen not only the benefits for myself, but for so many others.
    The whole idea of the “grass roots Yoga” movement is to spread yoga and meditation benefits widely.
    Please feel free to check the website:
    My contact details are 3374 0786
    Thanks Mary Lou.

    Kind regards,

    Celia Roberts.

    1. Hi Celia

      I’m on leave at the moment – in Far North Queensland right now doing library talks and book signings. I’ll be back at work in a few weeks. Hopefully we can arrange something then.



  7. Thank you so much, I have walked a long path and at times have made similar decisions such as yours – your truth and honesty is most gratifying, I too have attended a 10 Day program (and sat in a chair down the back!!) and I related to your whole story – I am most pleased that you took the effort to love yourself and share it with others in order to give them hope – thanks Paul (Australia)

  8. I can’t wait to buy this book! Ps: I just read your post on Mumamia about physical violence against women. I’m am so proud of you! X

  9. What a great read! I couldn’t put it down. I laughed and cried and felt very thoughtful by the end. What more could you want in a book? I also thought–this is a book about transformation. So anyone who thinks they “know” you, from this honest expose of your past, has missed the point–we are more than the sum of what we’ve done–everything changes, as you discovered in your journey. In the end, I believe this book is about transformation. Loved it, Mary-Lou. xo

  10. Hello Mary-Lou,

    I read the book in ‘one go’ this weekend. I haven’t had your life, although I continue to do my share of searching. Congratulations on a great read (and your new life).

  11. Hello Mary-Lou,
    As a first-time author myself, I would love to give you a copy of my book, “Beyond the Ashes” and talk with you on ABC Local Radio about my journey. Please contact me if you would be interested in doing this.

  12. MLS, just finished yr vipassana memoir. Began at noon, read an hr of it at sunset flat on my back on a quiet jetty on noosa river, and just finished it. Its 7.30pm and oddly enough, my planned fast today coincided with feeling like ive meditated with you all day.
    Thank you. I needed it.
    There are no coincidences.
    If u ever get to the eumundi markets come say gday- i wrote a book called Why shouldnt i call my son Clint?
    Indeed, if yr still at the ABC you’ve probably seen it.

    Anyway, just want to say, fuckin bravo. Ill be recommending to the world.

    David !

  13. Hi Mary-Lou. I really loved Sex Drugs, and will be reading your next book. Could I ask where you did your meditation? I’m thinking of doing it myself. Please keep writing, you do it well, in that good human way we all need. Regards, Linda.

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